Boat Tours on the River

A 20 Km River trip down the Nam Song  (Leisurely River Tour )

Experience the beauty of Vang Vieng while floating down the Nam Song River at a relaxing pace. This tour starts at Phatang Village (a short drive by truck) and continues 20 km returning to Vang Vieng. Sit on a chair on a unique Lao-style river raft and just enjoy the scenery. You have a nice opportunity to take beautiful photos without the worry of paddling, rain or sun!

Along the way you can see the amazing limestone mountains and local villagers fishing and gardening along the river. You will also have the opportunity to stop at the Elephant


Cave, which has a natural elephant formation and Buddha footprint.  Further along, you can stop to relax at any of the riverside bars, where you can also try rope-swinging.  This trip can be varied to suit your needs.

Enjoy on the boat

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